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I wander through the millions of options on Marketplace to try to find some “goodies”  I am always looking at textures and quality of fit.   Yes I am picky!   So sitting at home I shopped and found some great items.



Jeans – I am all About textures… These jeans are from all About girl has her textures going on, I feel like I am in my comfy Levis  at home relaxing. This is the way jeans should fit.  I have tried a lot of them and these are by far my favorite.  The cuffed bottoms make them that much extra special. – all About

Hoop Earrings & Bracelet – I wanted something big and bold and found these little gems on Marketplace. Ryca delivered on that statement piece.  Loved the gold and the look, the designer took the time to ensure each piece was designed to go together.  Mix and match a bunch the texture is great and works well with lots of options.- Ryca

Shoes – These are my favorites!  I will shop here like I used to shop at Stiletto Moody back in the day.  Empire makes me feel like a princess every pair I wear.  The styles are fantastic, the textures make other shoes look like they need more practice.  I am in love with everything that do!  – Empire

Hair– Oh I hate to share my secrets when I find good hair.. but being back there is a million new and old that have evolved to where we look like we are wearing real hair and not cartoon hair sooo my newest addiction is n0match the textures are really good as well as all the different designs, I have been loving each one I have bought.- n0match

Shirt – We all know this little company, fantastic fit, styles and textures..  Blueberry is one of my go to’s for relaxed clothing.   I love each piece they have and I look like their spokesperson on most days.  I wear something from them almost every other day.   Talk about addiction!   – Blueberry



If you want to know more about what I’m wearing or the style name just message me!  Ill be sure to answer.

Here I am!  Back where I was years ago, back to blog about Fashion and share my second life experiences with you.

Do you know me or even remember who I am?  I doubt it, been gone so long my friends list was bare.  Funny how you leave to have a RL and fashion moves as fast as your friends list disappears here in SL.  I was a model, photographer, builder and blogger.  I worked for many prestigious agencies at the time and had a lot of fun being around those that inspired me and brought out my creativity.    Well those who had little faith I would return, I am here and back with a new look and new style….  Do I regret leaving? not in a million years.  Did it bring me a new view and a calmer sense of life?  It did and with that I can see the world for the beauty it holds.

I started modeling and blogging in Second Life way before Mesh,  before adding a piece of clothing was just a click away.  We had LAG and when I say LAG I mean it.  We had so many prims on us that we could take down a small island, and did many times at fashion shows.   It took hours to prep an outfit to be outstanding!  (see attached old fashion photo) You had to manipulate the prims to fit your body.  Now my body needs to be manipulated to fit the mesh, or I might have a cheek or nipple showing.

You have no idea what models of SL past had to deal with.  If you weren’t tall, avant garde or in with the “In crowd” you were no one no matter how good you were.  Let alone we were dealing with the SL fashion critique that thought that all models in SL should be just like real models and move with a good flow.  Did they even know how hard it was to find a good pose?   My first show ever was the worst of my life and that critique about destroyed me.  My last show was for Miss Virtual World in 2010.   I was the happiest I had ever been with many good friends and honored to be there.

So here I am now, back to ground zero.  Having to find new designers, new looks, friends, fashion and finding my way through SL and returning to the Fashion world I love.

Follow me through my journey of Fashion, Friends, beauty and Second Life finds…



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